Radiologists at AR have read thousands of x-rays

High tech equipment combined with the intellect and skills of our physicians provides you with exceptional service. Moreover, after your x-ray is electronically imaged by our technologist the radiologist reviews the images and a report is dictated IMMEDIATELY. Your physician receives the report via fax the same day.

What is an x-ray?How does an x-ray work?How long does an x-ray take?How is it done?Are there any risks with x-ray?How soon after my x-ray is taken will I receive my results?Why choose Advanced Radiology over other options?
What is an x-ray?
Most commonly, the term x-ray denotes a black and white picture obtained by use of an x-ray machine. It usually depicts the bones and organs inside your body.
How does an x-ray work?
x-rays use waves of electromagnetic radiation to form images of organs and other structures inside the body. When applied to your body, the x-ray waves are absorbed in different amounts by different body tissues of different densities. For example, skin, fat, and muscle allow more x-rays to pass through, but bones are denser, and the calcium in the bone absorbs x-rays. Thus, bones look white on a film recording of the x-ray image, called a radiograph, fat and other tissues look gray because they absorb fewer x-rays, while the lungs look black because air absorbs the least number of x-rays.
How long does an x-ray take?
Some x-rays take less than minute, but when multiple views are required or multiple areas are to be examined it may take up to 15 minutes.
How is it done?
You will be asked to remove any clothing over the part of the body to be x-rayed. If necessary, you will be given an examination, and a protective lead drape may be used to shield the rest of your body from the x-rays when appropriate. While standing, sitting or lying on a table in an x-ray room, a technician will position you to give the best x-ray view.

The x-ray machine will be positioned near your body so that the x-ray tube is aimed at the proper body area. The technician will stand behind a protective panel and activate the x-ray machine.

Are there any risks with x-ray?
Unprotected radiation can be harmful to growing children, pregnant women, and reproductive organs. Therefore, Advanced Radiology has strict policies to ensure your safety.

If you are a woman and there is a chance you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test will be given before an x-ray is taken, as it may affect a developing fetus. Each case, though, will be examined on an individual basis to ensure your safety.

How soon after my x-ray is taken will I receive my results?
After your x-ray is taken, it is electronically available to our radiologists for reading. Our radiologist dictates a report that is transcribed and faxed to your physician. The report is usually in your doctor’s hand within two hours!
Why choose Advanced Radiology over other options?