About Our Ultrasound Services

Our ultrasound equipment utilizes raw data in every stage of the ultrasound study, from taking the image, to projecting it on the color touch screen computer, to long term storage. Saving your images in raw data form ensures that as technology advances, the raw data can be accessed in its original form without loss in quality.

What is ultrasound?What should I expect during my exam?Why choose Advanced Radiology over other options?How do I schedule an ultrasound?
What is ultrasound?
Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes to create visual images of internal anatomical structures. Similar to echolocation used by bats, dolphins, and whales, ultrasound sends sound waves into the body and receives information about internal structures based on the intensity and frequency of returned vibrations.
What should I expect during my exam?
– Advanced Radiology Staff will be ready to help you at the time of your appointment
– You will be greeted with a smile and made comfortable by Advanced Radiology Staff. Any of your questions will be answered.
– You will be asked to remove your clothes over the area of interest.
– The ultrasonographer will drape a cloth over any exposed areas that are not directly being examined.
– He/she will pass the probe over your skin to obtain the required images.
– After the images have been acquired, the data is sent to the radiologist for interpretation and a report is sent to your doctor.
– You will be given a towel to clean up and then you get dressed.
Why choose Advanced Radiology over other options?
Closely located to many of the physicians in town, you can visit your primary care physician then conveniently drive to our imaging center. Your privacy and care are our concern as you can drive right up and park at the front door. You avoid the “hospital” environment as you briefly lounge in our waiting room and sip some complimentary coffee or tea. Our facility provides a comfortable, private environment with friendly technologists.

Your study is done efficiently and is reviewed by a board certified radiologist and not residents in training. Results are faxed or called to your doctor that same day. We also often consult your doctor over the phone to eliminate miscommunications in your report of complete findings. Once again, we offer fast, convenient, accurate, same day diagnostics and a report back to your doctor that day.

How do I schedule an ultrasound?
Call Advanced Radiology at (573) 635-9786 and ask if you can schedule an appointment for an ultrasound. We will be happy to help answer any additional questions.