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After establishing Advanced Radiology of Columbia in June of 2003 and Advanced Radiology Open MRI at the Lake in March of 2007, both successful state-of-the-art, outpatient imaging centers, Columbia Radiology Ltd purchased Servant Medical Imaging of Jefferson City the summer of 2008.

With a passion for excellence and determination to provide superior patient care to the Jefferson City area, the radiologists of Columbia Ltd immediately implemented the service standards of their facilites in Columbia and Lake of the Ozarks renaming the facility Advanced Radiology of Jefferson City.  Our employees strive to offer the best in service including making a positive first impression the first priority, treating others as guests, developing service recovery methods, communicating effectively and efficiently with patients and referring physicians, serving everyone from a team-centered approach and ultimately providing superior service to referring physicians and their patients.

Advanced Radiology of Jefferson City offers MRI/MRA, Ultrasound, CT, X-ray and epidural/pain injections.

A Columbia Radiology Ltd radiologist is on site everyday. Members of Columbia Radiology, Ltd have provided premier diagnsotic service to physicians for over 30 years with the goal to provide quality imaging with detailed timely reading.

To achieve this goal, we staff the facility with friendly and superbly trained individuals to guaranteed success.  Intelligent, knowledgeable staff schedule patients effortlessly and check them in with ease.  Patients relax and enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee before their exam is performed by highly experienced technologists.

It is the gentle-yet-thorough approach that allowed Advanced Radiology to expand the Jefferson City diagnostic from Open MRI to a full service imaging center which includes CT, Ultrasound, X-ray as well as the addition of outpatient image guided procedures.  The depth of expertise within the group includes neuroradiology musculoskeletal radiology, general as well as cross-sectional and interventional radiology.  The radiologist’s special interests encompass a number of interventional procedures including vertebroplasty, myelography, neuroforminal injections, sonohysterograms, CT biopsies, RF Ablation and RF VNUS Closure of Varicose Veins.  With the introduction of our 128 slice CT scanner at our Columbia location, Advanced Radiology expanded their diagnostics to include Cardiac CTA/Calcium Score and the expertise of two level II Cardiac Radiologists.

We employe board-certified radiologists exclusively.

– Mark Monroe, MD specializes in vascular, nuclear cardiology and interventional procedures including RF Ablation, Epidural Stepoid Injections, Occipital Nerve Blocks, Neuroforaminal Injections and Vertebroplasty.

– Lance Faler, MD Fellowship trained in Musculoskeletal Radiolgy, provided a level of expertise orthopedic surgeons frequently request.  Musculoskeletal Radiology provides image interpretation, consultatation and interventional services, with particular focus on injuries and diseases of the bones and joints.  Imaging modalities include X-ray, MRI, CT and Ultrasound.  Advanced Radiology’s state-of-the-art equipment lets us do the highest quality imaging of the musculoskeletal system.

– Alan Hillard , MD and Neal Meyer, MD are both level II Cardiac Radiologists which allows us to provide quality interpretation of Cardiac CTA/Calcium Scoring from the most advanced CT equipment in the United States, the Siemens 128 slice Somatom Definition AS+. The combined expertise of these radiologists from top academic institutions provides a depth of service not seen in most radiology practices.

– The addition of these highly trained radiologists from top academic institutions along with the experience of Dr. Hillard, Meyer and Wright provided a depth of service not seen in most radiology practices.

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Meet Our Doctors


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